Consulting during recruitment project: Assessment Center / Development Center

HRC Group applies well elaborated, repeatedly improved method of candidates’ assessment: Assessment Center / Development center.

As one of the oldest recruitment companies providing HR services, we offer our Clients realization of assessment center and development center projects. Team of very well qualified specialists, using the best professional tools and tests, every time prepares different competencies and qualifications models. Our longtime experience in conducting assessment center and development center sessions, for Clients from different branches and industries, indicates high level of selection’s efficiency.

Advantages of Assessment Center / Development Center with HRC Group:

  • made to measure service: tools used for every session are always matched with Client’s individual needs,
  • high accuracy in candidates’ assessment
  • objective and fair qualifications’ assessment
  • psychological assessment done by experienced and certified psychologists.

During Assessment Center / Development Center session we assess competencies (knowledge + abilities + approaches) necessary to professionally act within in given professional role.

At HRC Group, discussing right competencies with Client is essential, as well as choosing right competencies’  indicators in depth. After assessment center / development center session all competencies are assessed in 5 points scale. Client’s expectations towards candidates are then faced up to candidates’ results.

Tools used during assessment center / development center sessions:

  • individual and group designed exercises (in basket, role playing, case study, group discussion) matching candidates’ professional profiles
  • psychometric tests conducted by certified psychologists
  • structured, competency based interviews conducted by experienced consultants.

At HRC Group we believe that Client has right to obtain complete information: after  assessment center / development center session results are then presented in form of detail report, consisting of strong and weak candidates’ points, as well as of areas for improvement.
Alike others HRC Group’s services, assessment center and development center are made to measure, to best respond to Client requirements.    

HRC Group, as the only Polish recruitment firm that belongs to ACE (Assessment Circle Europe, – the only European, professional network of assessment center consultants.