Direct Search

Direct Search: what makes us stand out?

  • long time, properly based knowledge of the market
  • worldwide / European / Polish net of contacts
  • complexity of recruitment process: Direct Search + consulting during the process + labour law issues
  • specialist verification of candidates (done by our specialists), strengthened by recommendations from the market.

Direct Search is one of the most effective methods when searching for candidates. Thanks to it, from the ocean full of candidates available on the market, our team fishes for the rarest pearls – employees, who best respond our Client’s requirements.
HRC Group consists of the best recruitment specialists who have deep knowledge of the market, human resources, people management, Direct Search and executive search, for whom recruitment itself is free of secrets.
Direct Search projects are conducted by the best experienced and the best qualified consultants and researchers, who specialize in specific branches and industries. Thanks to such approach we are able to precisely determine Client’s needs.
Lot of companies became our clients when cooperated with us on recruitment projects which seemed to be impossible to be done. Once they were convinced to use our Direct Search method, they were convinced to use our services permanently.

Direct Search activities are done through:

  • detailed analysis of Client’s needs
  • experienced research team
  • professional, face to face interviews with candidates (competency based interviews)
  • references and recommendations for candidates from the market
  • use of specialist competency tests and psychological tests (on Client’s requirements).

Our main aim is to provide our Client with candidates who best respond its professional requirements and the best suit cultural structure of its organization.

Selection of specialists, human resource consulting or head hunting mean one thing to us: another chance to use our longtime experience and knowledge, together with the highest level of professional standards and discretion. During every Direct Search  project we concurrently guarantee our Client full access to information about its status and progress.