Executive search

We specialize in executive search level, which consists of using direct search method when looking for candidates of the highest managerial level (management board, top management, directors).

The essence of recruitment projects conducted by using direct search are activities like head hunt (however, at HRC Group we talk about fishing pearls). Direct search is actually one of the most applicable methods in the process of selection of the best top collars in any organization.

Direct search enables to acquire currently employed, great top executives, who will the best respond requirements of the new organization.

When fishing pearls for executive level, we especially take care of discretion, competency and proper representing of our Client.

At HRC Group, the efficiency of direct search is guaranteed thanks to our deep knowledge of the market, specialist knowledge as well as to long last experience of our consultants. All the above enables us to fish for rarest pearls on the market.

In order to guarantee the highest level of candidates’ competencies recquired on executive level, we additionally propose to broaden the recruitment process of assessment center.