The Employment Law Practice Group renders full and professional legal assistance within the scope of individual and collective employment and social insurance relations in relation to Polish and European labour law. Our practice covers litigation pertaining to labour law in courts of all instances.

The experience of our lawyers allows the drafting of complex solutions linking employment issues with imperative elements of corporate law. Due to ongoing cooperation between all firm’s practices our advice. We cooperate with work safety and hygiene specialists, thus ensuring relevant advice to our clients.

Due to our broad and longstanding experience, we seek out solutions that are appropriate and optimal for each specific situation facing our clients, together with those ensuring achievement of an intended aim as well as legal security.

We offer our clients assistance at each stage of conducted commercial activity, thus ensuring full documentation and coordination of the process of establishing, expanding and continuing an employment relationship. Below we set out some of recent examples of our work:

  • We advise in the selection and establishment of employment structures and forms with consideration of the specific activity of each client.
  • We assist in and establish structures of remuneration and awards for administrative and managerial bodies, including options programs for managers and workers at all levels.
  • Longstanding court practice of our team members allows secure and effective advice not only in establishing, but also terminating employment relationships, including “difficult layoffs” involving the managerial cadre and key employees. A major strength of our practice is litigation practice related to labour law. We engage in proceedings before courts of various instances throughout the country.
  • Our experience encompasses, among others, remuneration-related disputes, severance pay, including social package benefits, compensation for termination of employment, determination of the existence of an employment relationship, compensation and pensions for damage of employee health, also in connection with work-related accidents, as well as disputes concerning the violation of employee interests, mobbing and discrimination.
  • We advise on the restructuring of employment that encompasses employee transfers and group layoffs.
  • We establish structures for delegating workers within a group and applying atypical (flexible) forms of employment (including the employment of temporary workers) in domestic and international transactions.
  • We have experience in information-consulting processes tied to trade unions, worker councils and individual representations of employees.
  • We take part in the negotiation of collective labour accords and social packages and support our clients in relations with trade unions, also within the scope of resolving collective disputes.
  • We conduct legal analyses of employee matters and assure participation in forensic audits aimed at gathering evidence on commercial offences as well as in compliance programmes that diagnose and eliminate potential risk.
  • We advise and represent our clients before public administrative bodies in immigration matters, including work permits and visas, as well as within the framework or in connection with State Labour Inspection controls.  
  • In proceedings pertaining to mobbing, we cooperate with leading psychologists specialising in mobbing, manipulation and exertion of pressure as well as business psychology. This cooperation allows innovative and effective solutions. With the aid of experience psychologists, we draft programs to counter and eliminate mobbing and employment discrimination.
  • In addition to advisory services, we offer our clients training on labour law subjects that are addressed to employees at all levels, as well as to employers.