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A global network of contacts built up over the years.

Candidate verification

Specialized verification of candidates by specialists.


Accurate analysis of market recommendations.


The complexity of the recruitment process

Direct Search

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Choose Direct Search, that is, focus on effectiveness.

Direct Search is one of the most effective methods for finding candidates.

Through this recruitment method, our specialized team fishes out the pearls - employees who best meet the expectations of our Clients from the sea of potentially available candidates on the market.

At the HRC Group, we employ high-class specialists with extensive knowledge in the field of Human Resources, People Management, Direct Search and Executive Search, for whom recruitment holds no secrets.

Direct Search projects are carried out by the most experienced and competent consultants and researchers, for whom it is a specialization in itself.

Consultants dedicated to Direct Search projects have specialized industry knowledge, which allows them to precisely determine the recruitment needs of Clients from various areas.

Many companies have become our Clients by entrusting us with projects considered impossible to implement. Convinced of the effectiveness of the Direct Search method in our version, they also became convinced of the permanent use of our services.


Direct search with the HRC Group

Our overarching goal is to find candidates who meet the Client's expectations in terms of both qualifications and the broader organizational culture of the company.

For us, employee selection, HR consulting, or for some Headhunting, means one thing - another opportunity to utilize our many years of experience and knowledge while maintaining the highest standards and discretion.

At the same time, we provide our Clients with full access to information about the actions we take during the Direct Search process.

7 Steps in Direct Search

The 7 Steps of Direct Search

How does Direct Search work and how can you carry out this process effectively? Learn the basic 7 steps of action based on our experience.

Defining the candidate profile

Precise definition of the requirements and expectations for the candidate being sought. This allows directing the actions in the right direction. The candidate profile is created through the collaboration of the recruiter and the employer.

Market analysis in Direct Search

The headhunter conducts an analysis of the labor market to identify potential candidates who meet specific criteria. To this end, they utilize various sources of information, such as databases, reports, social media platforms, and the networks of contacts they have built up over the years.

Contact with candidates

One of the stages of properly conducted Direct Search by specialists is establishing contact with selected candidates to present them with a cooperation proposal and check their interest in the given job offer.

Verification of competence

It allows for a detailed verification of the candidates' qualifications and experience. This can include job interviews, competency tests, or reference checks.

Presentation of candidates

Presenting the employer with the best candidates who meet the specified criteria and show interest in the job offer.

Selection of candidates

In the next stage, the recruiter selects specific candidates through a selection process and makes arrangements with the employer. Even if a candidate is rejected during the selection of suitable individuals, they are not permanently crossed off. They are actually placed on a waiting list and may receive an offer in the future. The employer usually makes decisions based on the candidate's competencies, motivation, and fit with the company's organizational culture.

Podpisanie umowy

At the end of the Direct Search process, the employer makes the decision to hire the selected candidate and signs an employment contract with them.

It is worth noting that in Direct Search we use methods that allow us to effectively reach the best candidates on the market, even if they are not actively looking for a job

Therefore, although it is possible for companies to conduct Direct Search on their own, it is definitely worth considering cooperation with specialists in this field, who have the appropriate tools, network of contacts, knowledge, and experience.

Confidential recruitment

Confidential Recruitment in Direct Search

Recruitments of this kind are conducted in situations where the company does not want to widely communicate its business decisions or personnel changes to the market. The recruiter can establish exploratory contacts and send invitations to potential candidates without revealing the company name or initially discussing the remuneration.

The confidentiality rules of the project are discussed on a case-by-case basis depending on the client's needs.


Cooperation in the field of Direct Search

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