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Labor law with the HRC Group

As part of the cooperation between the HRC Group and the Kancelaria Paturej, we have been providing legal advisory services in the field of individual and collective labor law for many years.

Our specialization also includes social security and legalization of stay and work for third-country nationals in Poland. On behalf of our clients, we resolve labor law disputes before courts of all instances throughout the country.

As part of the provision of services, thanks to the close cooperation with other teams of both the HRC Group and the law firm, we provide comprehensive solutions that take into account not only issues related to personnel management, but also related issues of civil, corporate, tax or criminal law.

scope of operation

We advise clients and support them in many areas of labor law.

Our company specializes in comprehensive legal and business advisory services in the field of labor law. Thanks to the extensive knowledge and experience of our experts, we provide advisory services, supporting our clients in all matters related to employee relations and personnel management.

Training courses on employee-related matters, addressed to employees at various levels and employers, depending on their needs.

The purpose of the services outlined below is to provide the client with the appropriate legal and business knowledge and support in the field of labor law, in order to effectively manage employee relations and avoid potential disputes or conflicts.

Employment structure

We are responsible for establishing and terminating employment relationships, including negotiations, hiring of managerial staff and key employees, as well as the so-called "difficult dismissals" of high-level employees.

Employment restructuring

Individual and collective dismissals, transfers of undertakings, outsourcing of employees.

Flexible forms of employment

Temporary work, civil law contracts

Court disputes

We resolve disputes before courts of all instances throughout the country and conduct settlement negotiations in labor law matters, including mobbing, discrimination, work accidents, employee claims arising from termination of employment contracts, and social benefit packages.

Risk Management

Due diligence, forensic audits, investigative proceedings with criminal elements in case of employee misconduct.

Internal Policies and Codes

Work and remuneration regulations, codes of ethics, anti-discrimination policies, policies regarding employee monitoring and privacy, use of company property, liability for property.

Benefits and Remuneration Systems

Remuneration, bonus, and other benefit systems for employees at various levels.

Monitoring and protection of employees' privacy

Recording, email and social media monitoring.

Mobbing and Protection of Personal Rights

Labor law in relation to mobbing and protection of personal rights.

Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in employment and civil law relationships (management board members, contractors), including in particular in the area of remuneration and the right to professional development.

Personal Data Protection

Labor law in the field of personal data protection in employment.

Trade Union Relations

The scope of activities includes negotiations, agreements and collective bargaining agreements, collective disputes, strikes.

Employee Councils

Employee councils and representatives, information and consultation obligations.

Employee Matters - European Companies

Employee matters related to the establishment and functioning of European companies - agreements, special negotiating bodies, European works councils.

Occupational Accidents

Activities in the field of occupational accidents (post-accident proceedings, risk management and employee claims).

Occupational Health and Safety

Activities in the field of occupational accidents (post-accident proceedings, risk management and employee claims).

Social Security

A wide range of activities in the field of social security, including social security for third-country nationals with different statuses in Poland, in the EU and other countries.

Legalization of Work and Residence of Citizens

Legalization of work and residence of third-country nationals, including members of management boards and employees of diplomatic and consular missions, churches and religious associations in Poland and the European Union - work permits, visas, residence permits.

Conducting Disputes with Competent Authorities

Activities in the field of conducting disputes within the legality of work and residence of third-country nationals in Poland, including deportation proceedings.

State Labor Inspectorate

Labor law in the scope of control by the State Labor Inspectorate.


Training on employee-related matters

Certification and Activities of Employment Agencies.


Cooperation in the field of labor law

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